Five years in the United States

La version française sera en bas plus tard.

Today marks 5 years in this country. Five years ago I made a big decision. Moving to a new country for what was supposed to be one year and here I am, five years later, married and with two beautiful girls.

So who knew it would turn out this way for me?! I had in mind to go back home this actual month yes December 2019 as it was supposed to be when I graduate.

I believe that everything happen for a reason especially when I chose to extend as an au pair for a second year but I also decided to change my visa and became a student for another two years after I already spent two years in California as an au pair.

Now let’s be real here, I didn’t stay because of that ” American dream ” lol, if it’s one thing I can tell people, this is just a legend. If I could choose anywhere to live I wouldn’t choose this country unless I was a millionaire lol.

I learned a lot living here, I’ve grown, I went to school, I found my soulmate and I recently entered motherhood. Even though times can be really hard I am still fighting and have what I need the most, my family.

I could write about details and how was each year but so far my best years in this country were 2015 and 2019. I had the chance to meet amazing people along the way and some of them are still in my life (a little too far from me) and I am so grateful to have them in my life.

Some throwback pics since I have to mark the number 5

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